About us

We create on-screen content for people all over the world, touching hearts and uniting minds.

Talpa Studios – 2024

This is the evolution
of a revolutionary brand

Talpa Studios is a global content house for non-scripted formats that empowers creativity and innovation.

Today’s on-screen content market is in a constant quest for attention. Viewers have more options than ever before. But what sets Talpa Studios apart in this quest is our heritage, our craftsmanship and our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. We are driven to create next-level content that connects people both within their homes and around the world.

Our core values

The Power of our People.

We are an independent global content powerhouse that creates and produces the world’s best formats.

People and trust are number one in everything we do.

We always aim to be top-of-the-bill and best in class; we are willing to go the extra mile.

We empower employees to use their skills, knowledge and creativity to make a difference – both at work and throughout the world.

Confidence is good, but trust is golden.

We’re honest and can be critical when needed – all for a good cause.

We have just as much respect for the things we create as the people who help create them.

Daring is Caring.

We push boundaries and seek to realise the impossible.

Taking risks means taking wins and losses.

Dream big and move fast.

Have the courage to venture into the unknown and undiscovered.

Do things that are new, different or unfamiliar.

Go beyond the beaten path without being reckless and never at the expense of others.

Make the impossible possible.

Collaborative Creative.

Our best work is the result of collaborative and creative efforts.

A creative network is key.

We find solutions in unexpected places and always try to be original.

Our network allows us to collaborate and create beyond our imagination.

We keep an open mind towards people, ideas and perspectives.

Together, we foster an atmosphere that stimulates people to bring the best out of themselves.

Intense collaboration means open communication.

We share experiences & successes.

We are a

Supercharged creative network Content powerhouse

Talpa Studios is an open creative network with a clear vision on experiences, innovation and IP investment, from creation to global distribution. Partnering with us is like connecting your format to a supercharge battery.

Core departments

Who we are


Within our Format Lab, we create on-screen content for people all over the world. Our heritage speaks for itself; we understand what drives people and connects local audiences, from touching hearts to uniting minds. With a clear forward focus on creativity, innovation and specialized partnerships, we offer an open network that provides premium players in the industry the chance to collaborate in various stages and forms.

Creative partnerships

The Engine Room

The Engine Room is our meta- and multidisciplinary internal agency for value-based format engineering. Working alongside the Format Lab, we engineer complete 360 content propositions at an early stage to shape an integral layer around our formats. Everything we do is specifically tailored for each client – meeting the demands of broadcasting, streaming and beyond.

Branded Content

We apply the same supercharged creativity to our brand integration as we do in our formats, making Talpa Studios the ultimate destination for Brand Partnerships.

Brand partnerships

Global Formats

With a strategic mindset and in collaboration with leading partners, we’ve devised a centralized end-to-end global unit that leads international format rollouts that facilitate multiscreen distribution, production and monetization.


Our multidisciplinary Dutch-based production studio is uniquely positioned to bring our creativity to life. It’s where we bring our talented team of content makers to the fore, from local to global productions and across all non-scripted genres, to entertain millions of people worldwide.


Our services

What we bring to the table

Talpa Studios has the path to launching creative and innovative content down to a science.

Organized for complexity and success

We engineer complete content packages that include research & data, partnerships, validation, tailoring and monetization.

Trifold format routing

Our growth strategy is diversified for today’s on-screen content market, meeting broadcasting, streaming and metaverse demands.

Fast lane distribution for your on-screen content

We hold exclusive access rights to premium broadcast and streaming channels in the Netherlands and Germany, both proven and effective markets for new format premieres. 

Multidisciplinary production capability

Over the years, we’ve built up a trusted network of top industry talents in the Netherlands that operate our multidisciplinary production studios for local showcases and international and hub productions.

Global production & distribution span

Our network operates a centralized end-to-end global unit that leads international format rollouts that facilitate multiscreen distribution, production and monetization.

A clear focus on craftsmanship

Through the years, we’ve built a richly talented network of teams who know how to get things done. By utilizing our network, we can concentrate on crafting creative content and building multi-layer IP portfolios.

What we have to offer

We are the past, present and future of non-scripted content

Join us as we continue to grab the world’s attention with creative formats and experiences that entertain and bring people together.

Life at Talpa Studios

Support to well-being and mental health

07 / 07

Easy and direct access, caring for the psyche with our OpenUp partnership.

Family & Friends

06 / 07

Get exclusive VIP access to the shows we produce and invite your friends and family to come along.

Growth & development

05 / 07

Benefit from a multitude of learning opportunities and inspiration sessions.

Social time!

04 / 07

Fun get-togethers and various other events throughout the year.

Join our community

03 / 07

Receive a nice reward by introducing us to new talents in your network.

Healthy Mind & Body

02 / 07

Coming soon: our very own Talpa Studios Gym!

Boost your energy

01 / 07

Complementary fresh fruit and enjoy fresh, healthy lunches and smoothies from the office deli.

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our perks!

It’s the people that make Talpa Studios so special. Therefore we offer, perks that will help you reach your full potential and stay healthy and happy.