We apply the same supercharged creativity to our brand integration as we do in our formats, making Talpa Studios the ultimate destination for Brand Partnerships.

Brand Partnership

With fully engineered content propositions, we offer advertisers thoughtful brand solutions to integrate their brand and message naturally within and around our format productions. In our experience, a pivotal key to success in this process is the close relationship between the makers and the brand partners, so we prioritize keeping everyone onboard and in the loop.



From creative social campaigns to impactful in-program moments on hit shows and even full custom format development, our tailored brand solutions have proven to bring value and impact local markets worldwide.

Ramon Mesman

Director Branded Content

Branded projects

Our proven
track record

In the past years, we’ve successfully launched several branded projects with various partners.

Brand Partnership

Branded Content thinks beyond the media. We search for the right content, platform, and media deployment for a successful brand partnership.

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