Code of conduct & confidential counsellors

Starting points

Talpa Studios Netherlands B.V. (hereinafter referred to as: “Talpa Studios”) expects all contributors to the production of a programme and therefore, among others, employees (permanent and temporary), trainees, contractors and executive employees thereof, as well as participants, to always act on the basis of respect and integrity. All persons, both internal and external, contributing to a production, should be treated with respect, openness, honesty and courtesy. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. In the event of non-compliance, measures will be taken, with the ultimate sanction for employees being immediate dismissal, immediate termination of a contract for services, internship assignment and disqualification from participating in the production, as well as, depending on the conduct, reporting to the judicial authorities.


Undesirable behaviour

Undesirable behaviour means:

  • Sexual harassment, whether verbal, non-verbal or physical. This includes sexual comments, remarks about clothing or appearance, sending sexually explicit messages, groping, assault, etc;
  • Discrimination (making statements about, taking actions towards or making decisions about persons in any form that are offensive to those persons because of their race, religion, gender, belief, sexual orientation, colour, age, disability, origin, nationality or making any distinction based on these factors);
  • Aggression and violence, verbal, psychological and physical, such as shouting, threatening, stamping, pushing, kicking, hitting, etc;
  • Bullying, structurally excluding, ignoring or humiliating a person;
  • Abuse of power by emphasising a position of power, thus causing suffering to other persons under your responsibility;
  • Any other behaviour that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment or unreasonably interferes with personal performance at work.

Undesirable behaviour can look like desirable behaviour. If someone puts their arm around your shoulder when you are struggling, this may be desirable and appropriate in the contact you have with the other person. But in another situation, this behaviour may be perceived as highly undesirable. It is up to you to decide whether the behaviour is desirable or not.


Confidential Counsellors

Talpa Studios has independent, confidential counsellors you can talk to if you are concerned about or want to report undesirable behaviour from colleagues or managers. The counsellors will listen to your story, think together with you about what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

The confidential counsellor will help you to find a solution. Even if you do not want to take any action (yet), you can still talk to a confidential counsellor. The confidential counsellors will not tell anyone with whom they have been in contact, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Talpa Studios uses the following external confidential counsellors:

  1. Ada Hendriks, 06 190 22 136
  2. Gerard Dijkstra, 06 55 18 33 68


Ada Hendriks 

Gerard Dijkstra


For more information, see this video:

Last amended: 3 October 2023