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This is the evolution of a revolutionary brand

Talpa Studios is a global content house for non-scripted formats that empowers creativity and innovation.

Today’s on-screen content market is in a constant quest for attention. Viewers have more options than ever before. But what sets Talpa Studios apart in this quest is our heritage, our craftsmanship and our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. We are driven to create next-level content that connects people both within their homes and around the world.

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We supercharge creativity with our network

Talpa Studios provides premium players in the industry the chance to collaborate in various stages and forms, from creation to distribution.

There are two ways to step into our world of creativity and collaborate with our teams: Creative Partnerships and Branded Partnerships.

Creative Partnerships

Brand Partnerships

What we have to offer

We are the past, present and future of non-scripted content

Join us as we continue to grab the world’s attention with creative formats and experiences that entertain and bring people together.

Life at Talpa Studios

Support to well-being and mental health

07 / 07

Easy and direct access, caring for the psyche with our OpenUp partnership.

Family & Friends

06 / 07

Get exclusive VIP access to the shows we produce and invite your friends and family to come along.

Growth & development

05 / 07

Benefit from a multitude of learning opportunities and inspiration sessions.

Social time!

04 / 07

Fun get-togethers and various other events throughout the year.

Join our community

03 / 07

Receive a nice reward by introducing us to new talents in your network.

Healthy Mind & Body

02 / 07

Coming soon: our very own Talpa Studios Gym!

Boost your energy

01 / 07

Complementary fresh fruit and enjoy fresh, healthy lunches and smoothies from the office deli.

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It’s the people that make Talpa Studios so special. Therefore we offer, perks that will help you reach your full potential and stay healthy and happy.