The Quiz
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Dive in and get those balls rolling!

The Quiz with Balls

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios

Dive in and get those balls rolling!

The Quiz with Balls is a play-along game show for the whole family. The main goal is to have fun and NOT GET WET! The show features five contestants standing on a high platform over a swimming pool, ten exciting quiz questions and six giant yellow balls.

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In each episode, a team of five friends, family members or colleagues competes for a cash prize by answering one quiz question after another. For each question, each team member chooses one of six answer options. The answer options are linked to the balls, which start to roll when all answers are given. If a player stands on a correct answer, the ball stops in time. If not, the ball will mercilessly knock the player into the pool. Each question has as many correct answers as the number of players left on the platform. So, for the first question, that means five correct answers and one wrong answer. For each player that falls into the pool, a wrong answer is added to the six answer options of the next question. The key is to keep your team complete for as long as possible because the tenth and final question is worth 25.000 euros. When all team members are knocked into the pool, the team takes home the amount of money earned from the previous question, and a new team enters the platform for more fun!

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