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Who will form the ultimate alliance?

The Alliance

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios

Who will form the ultimate alliance?

Sixteen people live together at a luxurious location, and each month, one lucky winner goes home with 100.000 euros. The show is a captivating world of battle, strategy, teamwork and manipulation. Friendship keeps you in the game… but betrayal could lead you to victory.

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At the start of each cycle, the 16 contestants pick their favorite team members and form four alliances of four. Each team has its own name, color and symbol. Throughout the month, there are various ways to earn and lose points. The higher an alliance ranks in the points system, the greater the chance that its members get to compete within their team for that one hundred grand. Points can be earned through games, quizzes or tasks and can be used during duels. The teams also have to sustain themselves with these points. The more points they spend on food, the more luxurious their living conditions become. However, spending more points on living luxuriously increases the risk of falling in the ranking compared to other teams.

Good allies are crucial, but they can quickly become enemies because, at the end of each month, only one participant from the winning team goes home with a guaranteed amount of 100.000 euros. It’s a captivating battle filled with strategy, teamwork and master manipulation. But the winner is not the only one who leaves. One person from the worst-performing team has to go home empty-handed. Each month starts with two new participants, a new team composition and a zero-point count.

Who can form the best alliance every month and take home the incredible grand prize of 100.000 euros?

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