The Jump ●

One fall and you lose it all

The Jump

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios

One fall and you lose it all

In The Jump, five fearless contestants try to cross a towering bridge with high hopes of winning a colossal cash prize…

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High above the ground, standing before a 40-meter-long bridge, our contestants have one lone mission: Make it to the other side of the bridge in one piece and win BIG. The only thing standing in their way is ten tricky statement rounds. Each round consists of several fun, thought-provoking statements, but… only ONE of them is true.

With each round, the tensions rise as the number of statements to choose from increases. The stakes are high: jump on a correct statement, and you advance to the next round, But… jump on a wrong statement, and you take a heart-stopping drop OUT of the game. The show begins with a quick game to determine which player becomes the ‘Controller.’ This player has the power to decide who plays during the game. They can either choose to play themselves OR pick one of their opponents to clear the path for them.

As long as a player lands on both feet, they’re safe and get to play along. But each time a player comes crashing down, the controller must decide if they want to sacrifice that player. Are they confident enough to take over themselves? If you step in too early, the chances of making a wrong choice are big…. But if you step in too late, your opponent might just make it to the end and take away the prize… leaving you empty-handed.

In the end, it’s all about the last one standing because only the player who survives the tenth and final jump goes home with the big cash prize. Who will brave the odds and make it across…? Nobody knows until the very last… JUMP.