Million Dollar
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Where friendship is worth a fortune

Million Dollar Island

Talpa Studios, Monday Media
Talpa Studios
SBS6, Amazon Prime Video
Sold to:
Channel 7, Australia | MBC, Middle East | VTM2, Belgium | Kanal D, Romania

A trailblazing survival reality show

Million Dollar Island is a trailblazing survival reality show that revolves around close friendships, secret conspiracies and unimaginable perseverance.

One hundred people try to stay on a remote desert island for two months for a chance at winning one million dollars. Surviving the harsh conditions with limited means isn’t the only challenge. Each contestant starts the adventure with a bracelet worth 10.000 dollars.

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While on the island, contestants can gain and lose bracelets by competing in various games. They can also receive bracelets from other contestants. When someone gives up and decides to leave the island, they must give their bracelet(s) to a contestant who stays behind. On this show, alliances mean everything, and friendships are worth a fortune. Some contestants will become richer by winning games and inheriting bracelets, while those who lose the games and fail to collect new bracelets must eventually go home.

By the last day, only a few contestants are left on the island. In a thrilling finale, they’ll each get their chance to cash in their bracelets in an exciting test of nerves. However, they can also lose everything at the last minute…

Thanks to its never-seen-before game structure, Million Dollar Island takes the genre of adventure reality shows to the next level.

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