The Tribute:
Battle of the Bands ●

Bringing generations together

The Tribute: Battle of the Bands

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios
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Sat1, Germany

Bringing generations together

On this music competition, 11 tribute bands give their all as they try to recreate the hits of their favorite band to perfection. This show is the ultimate tribute to some of the best national and international bands around. It’s a real treat for both the viewers and the fans!

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Each band must try to replicate the sound and voice of the original as closely as possible. Each performance will be judged by a professional jury of three and – as a joint fourth jury member – the hundred audience members, whose average score counts as one. The audience will award their points via ‘The Stairway to Heaven.’ The more stairs that light up green during the performance, the more enthusiastic the audience members are, and the higher the average grade.

The four finalists win an extraordinary prize: they all get to perform at a special tribute concert in one of the biggest concert halls in the Netherlands: The Ziggo Dome. The runner-up gets to perform 45 minutes, the number three 30 minutes, and the number 4 fifteen minutes. The winner gets to perform for one hour! So, the big question is: who will remain on stage the longest and perform the most songs? Who will be the country’s best tribute band?

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