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Who will conquer The Floor?

The Floor

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Talpa Studios
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Who will conquer The Floor?

In this high-paced quiz show, one hundred quiz fanatics take each other in quiz duels on a giant LED floor. The floor is divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing a field of knowledge. Each contestant starts off on their own square. The goal? To conquer the entire floor and take home a huge cash prize!

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The Floor is an exciting, large-scale battle of the brains. The game is simple: a random contestant challenges an adjoining opponent in a quiz duel in which they play against each other in the category of the opponent’s square. Categories range from ‘famous athletes’ to ‘Hollywood actors’ and from ‘iconic buildings’ to ‘mammals.’ All questions are visually supported by photographs.

The winner of a duel conquers his opponent’s square, gaining more ground – the loser leaves the game. The further the game progresses, the higher the stakes and the more exciting the duels become.

At the end of the final episode, the last person standing on The Floor wins the game and goes home with a big cash prize. Who will it be?

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