Life at Talpa Studios

We’re collectively invested in the world around us to ensure that our creators and makers understand what resonates with and drives global audiences.

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Our story

Talpa Studios is a Dutch company with offices based throughout the Netherlands

We’re a small country, which is probably why we’ve always had a passion for looking outward, beyond our borders.

We’ve been a successful breeding ground for content creativity since the dawn of the industry. In fact, many of todays’ evergreen entertainment brands originated here and went on to become blueprints for the international market.

At Talpa Studios, we take risks and leave no stone unturned. Our drive to create and build out innovative universal non-scripted mega brands is what gets us going. Our non-scripted on-screen content is reflected in every genre, from adventure reality to inspiring talent competitions.

Our founder

John de Mol has decades of experience in the industry.

He’s created four of the top ten global formats: The Voice, Big Brother, Deal or no Deal and Fear Factor. His craftsmanship and drive to take on-screen content to new heights are instilled in our DNA, and we apply it to everything we do.

We care about

diversity, equity & impact

Like our country, our company is built on independence, creative freedom and entrepreneurialism. Within our organization, people get the opportunity to showcase their talent and shape the future of storytelling through the power of creativity. We bring unsurpassed talent to the fore by creating an environment that thrives on making things happen while fostering a multitude of perspectives and cultures where people feel free to join forces, explore and make a difference.

We believe that a positive company culture begins with inclusivity. Creating an inclusive culture that represents everyone in society helps us unlock potential across our business. We embrace and nurture creativity within every single one of our employees.

We believe that healthy dialogues and shared experiences are essential for our growth and success. With our internal company soundboard, we keep a finger on the pulse by highlighting cultural and societal themes that cover diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and sustainability.

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Join us as we continue to grab the world’s attention with creative formats and experiences that entertain and bring people together.