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Creative Partnership


This widely-known successful format has been revived with a new look, but the fundamentals of the top-rated word game are still the same.

Creative Partnership

Let Love Rule

On this unusual reality dating show/love experiment rolled into one, matched couples move in together on their very first date. They live together for at least 24 hours, and the daily cliffhangers create a kind of soap opera feeling that makes people want to keep watching!

Creative Partnership

Surprize Fund

An unsuspecting main contestant is lured to the studio on a pretext. To their surprise, they’re greeted by 15 of their dearest family members and friends. They are in a game show, and there’s a big chance they’ll end the day with a lot of money…

Creative Partnership

99 to Beat

You don’t have to be the fastest or smartest. Just make sure you don’t come last! This studio format is simple and universal in appeal: one hundred contestants compete in one hundred challenges. The last man standing wins the grand prize. In every challenge, the person who comes last leaves the competition, counting down from 100 to just one.

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