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The littlest stars, the biggest dreams


Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios

The littlest stars, the biggest dreams

On this family feel-good talent show, dreams come true for extremely talented young singers between 8 and 15 years old.

They get to sing a video duet with their biggest idol: a famous national or international star. They’ll sing a song with a special meaning to them, so each duet comes with a funny or touching story. The idols are not physically present in the studio, but since they’re projected on a huge screen behind each ministar, it feels like they’re performing together! The talents’ family and friends will watch each performance from a special ‘skybox’ – placed directly above the judges and facing the talents. Each performance is judged by three famous performing artists. Their judgement leads to a ranking at the end of each episode. Then the 100 people in the audience vote on the episode winner from the top four.

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After six episodes, it’s time for the grand finale. Three runner-ups from the first six episodes get the surprise of their lives as they’re told on candid camera that they’ll get to go to the finale after all. The ultimate winner receives 25.000 euros in a savings account, while second and third place earns 10.000 and 5.000 euros, respectively.

In Ministars the impossible is made possible, and the littlest stars turn out to be the biggest and brightest.

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