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There’s no better way to kickstart a career

The Talent Scouts

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Talpa Studios

There’s no better way to kickstart a career

The Talent Scouts is a brand-new talent show in which five famous artists play the role of talent scouts and compete with each other. Each scout has only one goal: to turn an unknown singing talent into a national star!

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The scouts have to sign the best singers (soloists, bands, or duos) and wisely invest in developing their talent. The winning talent wins a prize money can’t buy: they’ll get to sing at a huge pop festival. They’ll also get 25.000 euros to spend on perfecting their performance.

In over five episodes, the five scouts must each sign four talents on their team. The aspiring singers will audition with adaptations of well-known hits. Each scout gets a budget of 5.000 euros to invest per audition episode. If a scout is interested in a talent after their performance, they can make an offer to get them on their team. How much of their budget are they willing to spend? The talents that receive the money will also get advice on the best ways to invest in their acts. After two semifinals, each scout is left with two talents. Tensions rise as the scouts prepare the talents for the big final show! In the finale, the viewer decides which singer wins the competition and debuts at a huge pop festival. The winning scouts don’t leave empty-handed: they’ll receive money for their favorite charity.

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