A Year of
Your Life ●

The longest reality game show ever

A Year of Your Life

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios
SBS6, Videoland

The longest reality game show ever

In this captivating reality game show, 40 complete strangers are cut off from the outside world for one entire year. Their world becomes very small, yet the reward, should they win, is very big: up to one million euros! All they have to do is stay in the game until the end of the year.

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All basic facilities are available to them at the location. If they want to get extra creature comforts, the participants can play games to earn money for the household pot. If the pot is empty, but they still desperately want to buy something, they can take out cash from the one-million-euro prize pot. However, the majority must agree because every euro taken out is multiplied by 25 and deducted from the prize money. This means that the winner will take home less money at the end of the year. Will they risk a lower prize pot, or will they make it work with what they have?

The participants must also play elimination games. Each elimination makes the group smaller and the chance of winning bigger. A colossal prize awaits the last one standing. However, the price you pay is also high. This opportunity will cost you… A Year of Your Life.

There are a thousand reasons not to participate, but a million reasons to do it anyway.

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