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Unknown songwriters get their chance in the spotlight.

I Want Your Song

Talpa Studios, Rochford Productions
Talpa Studios

Unknown songwriters get their chance in the spotlight.

Behind every top song is a top songwriter… and that’s not always the artists themselves. That’s why on I Want Your Song, five unknown songwriters get their chance to pitch their songs to some of the biggest artists in the country. Each episode features one famous recording artist looking for their next big hit.

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In every episode, five songwriters pitch their songs to the recording artist with the help of a live backup band. The audience is filled with 100 of the artist’s biggest fans. They’ll be extra enthusiastic but also extra critical of each song. If the artist is ever in doubt over a song, they can ask the fans for advice. After all, they know better than anyone which song has the potential to be their next big hit. But it’s the artist who ultimately makes the decision. Which song will they connect with the most? The winning song chosen at the end of the episode is immediately available for download and streaming, along with a music video, as it gets an instant world premiere by the artist. The winning song is literally ready to storm the charts. In I Want Your Song, a dream comes true for one songwriter each week!

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