No Way Back ●

The ultimate survival dilemma

No Way Back

Talpa Studios, Signal
Talpa Studios

The ultimate survival dilemma

No Way Back is a thrilling adventure reality show in which sixteen untrained, everyday contestants embark on a 2-week-long survival trek designed by the special forces and set in the harsh wilderness. The mission is divided into four stages that take 1-3 days to complete. Each stage ends at a camp. There are two ways to win: stay behind in the camp or continue to the next stages until the finish. The contestants’ destiny depends on their choice to either STAY or GO…

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Each camp holds a value, but completing all four stages is worth more because the stages become more demanding and challenging each day. Whoever stays behind at the camp until the last day wins at least the value of that camp, but they could win more if none of the other contestants makes it to the finish. If that happens, the value of each camp is doubled.

If someone finishes the mission in time, they win 50 thousand euros. This amount increases if the other camps are empty on the last day, as the value of each empty camp will be added to the total prize. Who will stay behind, and who will try to go all the way? There is no judging, and there is no vote. It’s all in their hands.

In No Way Back, anything’s possible. Witness the heart-pounding excitement of the trail and the gripping stories unfolding back at the camps

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