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Camping has never been
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Camping The Wilderness

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios

Four Dutch families who’ve never travelled beyond their traditional campsite are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

For two weeks, they’ll be staying in a familiar typical Dutch-style campsite, but… there’s one huge difference: it’s located in the heart of the Botswana wilderness, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and wild animals.

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From here, the campers must literally step out of their comfort zone and embark on the most adventurous excursions, from night-time safaris to sleeping under the stars in the wild. They frequently find themselves face to face with wild animals they previously only saw in the zoo. On the campsite, next to each caravan, is a large board displaying the names of the various animals in the region. The families must take photos of these animals during the safaris. Each photograph is worth a certain amount of money: the rarer the animal, the higher the amount. At the end of each episode, it’s clear who’s earned most and who needs to step up their game… After eight episodes, the family with the most money gets to go home with four times that amount and the experience of a lifetime! Camping The Wilderness is everything you love about camping set in an exotic location full of gorgeous, untouched nature.

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