Eat Your Heart Out ●

The way to a heart is through the stomach.

Eat Your Heart Out

Talpa Studios
Talpa Studios

Eat Your Heart Out sets the table for a feast of romance!

The way to a heart is through the stomach.

In this daily dating show, singles meet for the first time over a romantic dinner that one has prepared for the other – all in the hopes of finding their perfect match.

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The studio is set up with two cooking areas, and each episode features two dinner dates. One single from each potential couple is assigned a cooking area to prepare their culinary delights. Beforehand, the cooking singles receive their date’s favorite food, allergies and dietary requirements, but it’s up to them to decide what they cook. Two hosts join the single cooks in the cooking area to offer support and to get to know them better. As they cook, the two singles will also share their experiences, personal stories and dating tips with each other. It’s a heartwarming way of showing how singles from different age groups and backgrounds can connect and give each other advice on love and relationships.


Each date starts once dinner is ready and on the table. This is when the cooking singles meet their dates for the first time. The two hosts watch the dates from another room and comment on what they see. After dinner, the singles must decide how they feel about their dates. Did things get spicy over dinner? Are they hungry for a second date? If there is a match, the couple leaves with a 250-euro check – enough to cover their next date…