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Where virtual superstars come to life


Talpa Studios
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From our innovative, cutting-edge technology that combines motion capture and augmented reality… comes a new music show.

On Avastars, two top talents – an incredible dancer and an outstanding singer – will be combined into one virtual super talent: an Avastar.

The singer is responsible for the singing, talking and facial expressions, and the dancer is responsible for the head and body movements. Together, they perform as one – live, on stage.

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Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art technology, Avastars can not only sing and dance exceptionally well, but they can also do almost everything a human can do. They can play an instrument, interact with real musicians, walk the stairs, perform a duet with a real singer or with another avastar, and so much more. They can jump, soar through the air, dance with fireballs and even catch a ball. Which Avastar will be the big winner of this groundbreaking new crossover talent show?

Avastars is produced in such a way that all technology can be packed up and ready to travel.