Forging the perfect brand collaboration

Partnering up with Opel and Samsung for Hunting Season made for a perfect branded collaboration in The Netherlands.

This high-profile catch-me-if-you-can show, run by the famous YouTube stars of the Stuk TV channel, is a weekly open hunt for two Dutch celebrities. The rush of the search and the integrated element of Bond-like tech gadgets created the backbone for a long-term multi-channel partnership.

As an automotive partner of the hunt, Opel showcased its iconic Opel van as the hero of the production. The fully-equipped electric Opel impressed a whole new TV audience as a valuable asset to the team. Besides being a well-integrated product placement, Opel was active on multiple online channels with brand-activating content, all with a native extension.

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Tracking devices and technical gadgets play a huge part in the show. The hunters must be 100% connected while in pursuit of the celebrities. It’s the perfect way to showcase Samsung’s latest innovations. We see well-integrated GPS shots mixed with new tools and devices; both displayed naturally throughout each episode. The Samsung message reached far beyond the big screen, as each feature was highlighted on the show’s social channels.