Talpa Studios’ daily reality show The Alliance makes an impressive debut

November 03, 2023 Weekly average of 12.6% share marks 13-year high in access prime time slot on SBS6

On October 22nd, Dutch viewers witnessed the premiere of the daily reality show The Alliance on SBS6. On Sunday evening the show kicked-off with a one-hour special that scored an impressive 18,4% market share in the key demo 25-59, firmly positioning it as the market leader. The momentum continued with the show’s first regular episode on Monday, garnering a 13,9% share, almost doubling the timeslot average. Over the week The Alliance maintained strong viewership, resulting in a weekly average of 12,6% in the 25-59 demographic, marking the highest ratings for this slot in the past thirteen years.

About The Alliance

This fall, SBS6 launched a brand-new daily reality show: The Alliance. Sixteen people living together at a luxurious location with each month one lucky winner going home with 100.000 euros. On The Alliance, participants must form four teams of four, and for one month, these teams will be each other’s allies (and share their own Alliance room). They must work together, and their goal is simple: play games and complete assignments, score as many points as possible and end up as the winning team of the month. But, they also need their points to make a living and spending too many points, could influence the end result… Allies are crucial, but they quickly become enemies towards the end of the month. Because that’s when only one participant from the winning team goes home with a guaranteed amount of 100.000 euros. But the winner is not the only one who must leave. One person from the worst-performing team will also have to go home – empty-handed. Each month starts with two new participants, a new team composition, a zero-point count and another 100.000 euros at stake. The Alliance is a captivating world of battle, strategy, teamwork and manipulation. Who will form the ultimate alliance? Because of its flexible structure, the series can be terminated or prolonged at any time after completing a month.